3-Step Storyboard

The goal is to take the ideas generated so far (in Speedy Eights , etc.) and sketch how a user would flow through a part of story/UI.


  • Estimated time needed: 8 minutes
  • Team: Facilitator, Note-taker, Stakeholders

Why should we do this exercise?


  1. Ask the team divide up a peice of paper into 3 sections. Each section should have space for a sketch, and space to write a description of what's happening.
  2. Choose an idea that you had previously from another exercise like Mind Mapping or Speedy Eights to put more thought and detail into.
  3. Each section of the paper is a frame in the storyboard. The sketch should be detailed, with a detailed explanation below or next to it. Make sure that each frame is understandable without further verbal explanation.

These sketches will be shared with the group.

Use these rules as a guide:

  1. Make it self-explanatory: When we review these ideas you should not have to explain what is happening in the sketch.
  2. Ugly is OK: Detail is more important, the idea should feel thoughtful and complete.
  3. Words matter: Sketching is hard, so make sure to make up for it with the words that you use to describe each step.
  4. Give it a title: We'll use these later to identify our favourite ideas.


An extensive story full of stick figures doing different interface interactions

Close-up of a storyboard with dot voting