Lightning Demos

Each person presents and highlights interesting ideas from digital sources within and outside the industry. This will kickstart our imagination and give us the creative fuel to sketch later.


  • Estimated time needed: up to 1 Hour
  • Team: Facilitator, Note-taker, Stakeholders

Why should we do this exercise?

This exercise will kickstart our imagination and give us creative fuel. An idea brought to the table by one Team member will often provide inspiration for another Team member to explore and develop in the Sketching phase.


In advance of the exercise have team members look for examples of products, apps, websites, services or experiences they love. It could be an overall concept, design or a very specific part of an interface or user experience. In a team of five people try to bring two or three examples each.

Ask team members to take photos, screen shots or videos of their favourite concepts. Have each team member upload these files to a shared folder or Miro board in advance of the session.

To begin the exercise, ask each team member to explain what they like about each of their chosen examples. Allow for a brief discussion with the rest of the team after the initial explanation. In a team of 5 people allow for roughly 10 minutes speaking time per person.


Try to think outside the box and outside of your industry or field. You may not be trying to build the next streaming service but if you really like the way the Netflix search works, show it to the team and explain why you like it.

If you are using a shared Miro board or art board, try to add in some sticky notes around the screen shots with key words or phrases mentioned by the speaker. These could be things like "feels personalised", "gamification makes it fun", "illustrations" etc. These notes are helpful if you want to refer back to an idea at a later date.