Pick a Target

At the end of your first phase take some time to review everything you've done so far and pick some areas to focus on for the rest of the sprint.


  • Estimated time needed: 30 minutes
  • Team: Facilitator, Note-taker, Stakeholders


  1. If you haven't ask move your most voted for HMWs onto the Critical Path, most of them will correspond with a step in your story.
  2. Ask everyone to review the Problem Statement, the Critical Path, and the Sprint Questions.
  3. Together agree to up to 3 areas of the map that seem the highest risk, yet highest reward areas to focus on.
  4. Circle those areas on the map.

These areas will be our main focus for the rest of the sprint.


  • It's often good avoid frequently solved areas like 'signing up', unless the team feel like they want to try something really unique.
  • If you can't all decide together ask the stakeholder to decide.