Present the results

When the prototype has been tested it's time to present back the findings of the sprint to the team as whole. Including stakeholders who couldn't make it to the entire sprint or testing sessions.

We tend to organise the findings into a presentation that can be given in an hour or less.


We usually use this rough format for the slides:

  • Start with a quick recap of the sprint, what was acheived each day, and how it affected the next day.
  • Introduce how you tested the prototype.
  • Summarise the audience you spoke to, like a rough persona. For example:
    • Demographics (if applicable to the product).
    • Industries they work in.
    • Experience with technology.
    • Any competitors they currently use.
  • Screen-by-screen feedback: both good and bad.
    • Screen on one side, bullet pointed feedback on the other.
  • Answer the question: Was the sprint a success? Yes or No.
  • Recommendations from the results, for example:
    • "We should redesign this aspect"
    • "We should test with more people"
    • "We should explore the feedback about the branding"
  • Next steps: What should we do next?

Package up the rest

After the brief presentation bundle everything else from the sprint:

  • Artifacts from the exercises.
  • Recordings of the testing sessions.
  • Scorecards or notes from the testing sessions.
  • The prototype.
  • The presentation you just gave.

Then store them somewhere everyone who needs access can reach. Google Drive, or Dropbox for example.