Review Research

Sharing the knowledge of the business, competition, value proposition, customer, and any other relevant research to develop a common understanding of the context of which we’re working.


  • Estimated time needed: 2-3 hours
  • Team: Facilitator, Note-taker, Stakeholders

Why should we do this exercise?

This exercises helps us to identify the root cause of the problem we are trying to solve, rather than the apparent surface-level problem. Solving the root cause should be the goal of any Sprint or new product as it creates a better product with fewer wasted resources so it is absolutely crucial to know what your root problem is. Check out the example below to see exactly what we mean.


  1. Quickly identify existing research to determine what research should be shared throughout the day (10 minutes)
  2. Define the business & the customer (1 hour)
  3. Define the problem, the value proposition, Success (1 hour)
  4. Lightning demos of any existing product or competitors sites (45 minutes)