Create a scorecard

Using a scorecard to gather quantitative data in a fast and easy to process way.

Why should we do this exercise?

Sometimes during the interview process you want to gather easy to read data about the small details of a prototype and how they performed. Will the users miss that button? Will they understand that notification? These types of questions can be hard (and exhausting) to answer, especially when there is a lot to ask for each person. A simple solution is to use a quantitative scorecard system alongside a qualitative note-taking approach.


Using a spreadsheet (or similar):

  • List all of the questions you have about the prototype in rows.
  • List the users as columns.
  • Use the final column as an average total.
    • =AVERAGE(B6:F6) is a useful formula.
  • During the interviews fill out the answer to each question on a scale of 1-5
    • 1 = Big fail
    • 2 = Not working
    • 3 = Somewhat neutral
    • 4 = Positive
    • 5 = Worked perfectly
  • Add additional qualitative insights either as comments of elsewhere.
  • Repeat for each question.

Consider combining this approach with Sticky Feedback.